The Mission

1. Make Disciples of Jesus 
The Good News of Jesus Christ was never meant to kept within the walls of a church; it was meant to bring hope to the nations.  Jesus told us in Matthew to go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey all that he had commanded.  Sharing the about the price that Jesus paid on the cross for our sins, and teaching the love of God is just the beginning of the message Jesus came to share.  His Gospel is that we would be transformed by him, and through him.  As we were commissioned to go and teach the nations to follow Jesus, this is my main purpose as a missionary.  
2. Care for Children
Over and over again throughout the scriptures, God tells us to care for the fatherless, to defend the rights of the oppressed, to speak of for those who have no voice.  Children are the weakest, smallest most vulnerable in our society, and it was Jesus himself who said "Let the children come to me."  As a trained teacher with a heart for the abused, the abandoned, and neglected children, I have gone to the nations to love children who are not loved, teach children who wouldn't otherwise not receive an education, and be Jesus' hands and feet in the lives of children.