Friday, October 4, 2013

Meet Sabine

Sabine is the other full time Metro volunteer here at the YWAM base.  We work together day in and day out and I can´t begin to express my gratitude for her!  She is from Switzerland and has worked with Metro Ministries in New York, Romania, and Peru.  She has made a one year commitment (so far) to work with Metro-Costa Rica, and I´m greatful that her one year from start to finish covers the entire year that I´m in charge of leading the ministry.  Sabine was a professional truck driver in Switzerland, and is the driver for Metro!  It´s a huge relief to me that she is so great at driving here, since the traffic, hills, and stick shift make for an interesting combination.  So much more than a great driver, she is an incredible missionary, artist, children's worker and a good friend.  I seriously could not imagine serving full time in Metro without Sabine!!

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