Monday, July 22, 2013

The past 2 months

I'd realized that it had been awhile since I updated my blog, but didn't think it had been such a long time until I logged in and saw the last date I posted!  So sorry for abandoning chroniclesofkaren for the last few months!  I'm going to start updating regularly again!  Here is what has gone on since my last post in June....

- Isaac applied for the US visa and received it!  We went to the US over the 4th of July weekend and had a wedding reception at my parents house.  It was wonderful showing Isaac where I'm from and introducing him to everyone.

- I started driving the Metro truck!  It was an almost successful experience- except for the pothole I got stuck in the almost flipped the truck.  Thank God there was a semi-truck driver behind me that got out and helped me maneuver out of the huge hole.

- Lots of volunteers have been coming & going to work with Metro.  We've had volunteers from Germany, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Canada, California, Chicago, etc.  Sabine, a Swiss volunteer arrived in the beginning of July to work with Metro for a year.  This means that there will at least be 2 of us doing the work!

- There was a landslide in the parking lot of our apartment building, and we were recently given 10 days to move out.  The 10 days end July 29.  We'll be moving to the YWAM base.

-Hannah Beach, a friend from Longview, Texas has been here volunteering with Metro for the past month!  It's been a great experience for her as she's 17 and feels called by God to a life of full
time missionary work.

- Sarah, my mother-in-law was in San Jose for a few days and we got to go out with her a bit while she was here.  Dylan and Keylin, Issac's niece and nephew came to spend the weekend with us during their school break.

There are more details of everyday life, but I think I hit the major points of what has been going on!

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