Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Outreach to Sarchí

Last Saturday our Metro team split into 2 groups- half of the team stayed and did the regular Sidewalk Sunday School program in San José, and 3 of us drove an hour and a half into the mountains to a village where the YWAM Mercy Truck ministry was doing a medical ministry.  A team of Koreans were working with Mercy Trucks, and asked if we would come help them with the children while they were treating patients.

We had about 100 kids with us- and what an amazing day it was!  We did a 2 hour program in the morning & an hour and a half program in the afternoon.  In the time when we do praise & worship, there is a song we sing that says, "I'm thankful for Jesus, I'm thankful for Jesus."  We were literally doing our ministry at the top of a mountain, and looking out over all of Costa Rica.  As we sang "I'm thankful for Jesus," my heart was full of love and gratefulness to God.  I mean, singing to Jesus with a 100 kids at the top of a mountain... can it get much better??

We talked about having your heart clean before God, forgiving others, and inviting Jesus into your life to help you live.  In the afternoon we talked about hygiene, hand washing and tooth brushing.  One boy, around 10 years old came to us after the program and said, "Thank you so much for coming to my town.  This has changed my life."  We are used to hearing this like this from parents- but from a 10 year old boy?  Wow.  It's the Holy Spirit who can come and an instant change someone's life by healing a memory, revealing the truth or speaking revelation about God.  Just as communities are grateful to us when we come & minister to the kids, we are even more grateful to God that he goes before us and is the one who does the work of changing kid's lives.

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