Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Goodbye Jacó, Thank you Scott & Leslie!

Now that Isaac &I are married, we are no longer living in Jacó.  Isaac is studying tourism at the National Training Institute (INA), which means we are both living in San José.  We knew that this change would occur, and told the families we were working with last November so it wouldn't be a shock once I left.  There is lots to tell about what I'm doing now, but I'll save that for a later post.  

I want to use this post to thank Scott & Leslie Freeman for allowing me to work with them in Jacó.   When I first arrived, instead of telling me where they needed me to serve, they gave me options and encouraged me to seek God's direction in what to do in Jacó. They gave me the freedom to minister and reach kids through the skills I already had.  I've grown a lot in this past year in my ability to relate to others in ministry, bring the Good News, and even deal with things from the past.   God has used my time in Jacó and with the Freemans to shape me, and make me more like Him. 

So, Thank you Scott & Leslie for everything you've done this past year.  Thank you for introducing me to you friends in the communities of Invu and Copey, and for allowing me to tutor and minister to the kids you had already been pouring your lives into. Thank you for being so flexible with me, for always encouraging me, and for allowing me to come work alongside you.  Thank you for teaching me with your example that a ministry is people- not a schedule or a program.  Working with you has taught me a new level of how to represent Christ in a community and be His hands and feet.   I am forever grateful to both of you.   

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