Thursday, May 23, 2013

From Jacó to San José

At the end of 2012, Isaac and I knew that we would be moving back to San José because of his studies.  His purpose of studying is to have another skill & license to use as a missionary, and once Isaac is done with his courses in December, he plans on working full time with the YWAM base again.

But we weren't so sure of what I would do at the base.  There is always lots going on- and there were lots of different areas for me to get involved in.  I was considering working with Metro Ministries, a children's ministry that reaches unchurched kids.

Renate, the leader of Metro Ministries came to Jacó in October to be trained to do Cherish, the girls purity group from South Africa.  She spent the weekend with me, and asked about my future plans.  I told her that after the wedding we would be moving to San José, and that I was interested in working with Metro, but really hadn't made any decisions of what I would do.

What I didn't know, was the Renate was planning on taking a year off from Metro to return to her home country of Germany with her husband to be, José.  She was asking me about my future plans, because as she prayed for who would take over Metro, she kept hearing my name in her head.  However, Renate did not want to take me away from the work I was doing in Jacó.  When I told her that Isaac & I were moving to San José at the end of April, she thought to herself, "I did hear God's voice! Karen is the person to take over Metro!"

A few weeks later, Renate called me and told me that she was going to be leaving Costa Rica for a year, and asked if I would pray about taking over Metro while she was gone.  She told me she felt like God showed her that I was the person who should take over.  I was very shocked at the phone call, and Isaac and I talked it over for a few weeks before I gave Renate an answer.  My insecurities as a leader & managing the responsibilities of running a ministry really caused me to hesitate in accepting the position.

One night Isaac and I were listening to a sermon that challenged Christians to say yes when God was offering them leadership positions.  "It's so easy to be a follower, we all just want to do what we're told.   But God is trying to raise up a generation of leaders for Him.  When he asks you to do something out of your comfort zone, to stand up and lead others, it's time to start saying yes.  God is looking for those who will say yes to what he's calling them to do."

As I listened to that preaching, I felt as if I received the phone call from Renate all over again, except this time she wasn't the one asking me to take over Metro Ministries, it was God.

A few days later I called Renate and told her I would take the position.

I have been training with her for the past couple weeks, and I officially took over the leadership position last Saturday.  I have an incredible team to work with, who are patient with me and so helpful as I am learning the ins and outs of Metro Ministries.


So this is where I'll be for the next year- June 2013 to June 2014 here in YWAM- San José leading Metro Ministries.

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