Sunday, April 7, 2013

Home in April

I've spent the last few weeks in the US!  Despite the cold weather, I've had a wonderful time being home with my family.  I was able to see both of my sisters, and spend lots of quality time with my parents getting things ready for the wedding.

 I can hardly believe that I'll be Mrs. Karen Del Rio in just 20 days!

Before I left Jaco kids that I work with were sharing with me their concerns of my wedding dress.  They were worried that I wouldn't have enough money to buy the dress, and they were even offering to  lend me some of their money to buy the dress.  I was so touched by their generosity, but let them know that if I didn't have enough money, that my mom would be willing to help me buy the dress!  They are all very excited to attend their first wedding :)

Today I had the great privilege of sharing with a group of people in my home church about my time in Jaco.  It was very encouraging to have a group of people who have been connected with me for several years now pray for me, encourage me, and take the time to listen to stories that have impacted my life & the Kingdom of God over this past year.

I am heading back to Costa Rica this week & am really excited to see Isaac again and finish up last minute details for the wedding.  I'm also ready for some warmer weather, which I know is waiting for me in Costa Rica!

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Becky Dean said...

Karen, I am so excited for you and Isaac! Congrats again! May God bless your marriage and the work you will be doing together for his kingdom.