Thursday, March 7, 2013

Something that will last...

Building something that will last.  Building something that will replicate thought this city.

 When I first started Cherish, that was the goal- that I would train up leaders who would then train up their peers.  The girls who participated in Cherish were handpicked by the youth group leaders.

In December when we finished the Cherish book, it was a huge success.  The girls learned a ton & were transformed in a lot ways.  But it wasn't supposed to stop there- it was supposed to continue.  And it has!  I will soon be leaving Jaco, but Lisa, my co-leader will be staying here for an indefinite amount of time.  She agreed to host the group, and we both agreed, that its time that the girls lead.

Using scriptures & questions I created a new book for the girls to use in the Cherish group.

The girls volunteered to lead various weeks, including these next few weeks when I'll still be here.  Last night was the first student-led Cherish group.  And I couldn't be happier with how it went!!   The girl who led it facilitated the group just has I have modeled for the past several months.  When the conversation drifted away from the topic, she pulled everyone back & continued the discussion on the topic.  I sat in awe of her natural leadership, and her ability to led her group of peers in a Bible study.  Yes, it was slightly uncomfortable for her, but she an amazing job.

I can picture her, and the rest of the group starting their own Cherish groups with their peers- and facilitating a group where their peers can learn God's truths of living a pure life, as well as grow deeper in their relationship with God.  It will come in time, but its exciting to see what could be! It feels good to know that this group has the potential to last- and replicate.

Today I'm thanking God for the lives of these 4 girls in my Cherish group, and the potential that lies ahead!

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