Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pre-Primero: Great 1st week!

The first week of pre-primero was a success!  One girl didn't show up, and so our class of 5 became a class of 4.  And I'm pretty sure we'll stay at just 4 for the remainder of the program!  It's a small group, but so good for these kids to get the one on one attention they rarely receive!  2 of the kids are from Copey, one child is from Invu ( not a slum, just a poor community), and the 4th child is the son of a missionary family!  He is not at risk, but part of the class to make friends in the community and learn Spanish.

The kids have found the rhythm of the schedule, and now know the order of the class.  They help me set everything up when they arrive, and we all pitch in and clean up before we leave.

I had forgotten how fun it is to work with younger kids!  (I worked in a head start class in 2006 & student taught in Kindergarten in 2008.) Each day when I come home I always have a funny story to share with Isaac & my roommates about things the kids did or said.

During one of the morning pick-ups in Copey, one of the Nel's older brother was teasing him about going to school.  "Why do you have to go to school, Nel? It's not like you really need to learn anything!"  Nel quickly replied, "Yes, I do need to learn things!  Karen teaches me math and the letter A!  And if I don't go to school with Karen, then I'll be dumb for all of first grade!  Right Karen? Right?!"

It's great to have motivated students :)  They really enjoying coming, and it's really obvious they are learning.

Here are a few pictures of our classroom set up, and the kids hard at work:

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