Thursday, December 13, 2012

Always watching over me

I usually don't see God protecting me- I just know that it is happening.  But everyone once in awhile situations happen where I can actually see that God protects me wherever I go.

A few weeks ago I went to a nearby neighborhood to pick up the girls from Cherish.  I went to each girl's house, and chatted with the nearby people a bit as I waited for the girls to be ready.  I stopped at the last girls house and she was there with her boyfriend.  After a short conversation, he took off on his skateboard and we left in the car.  We were both going in the same direction, but obviously I went faster in a car than he went on his skateboard.

We were pulling into my driveway (after a 3 minute drive) when the girlfriend got a text message- her boyfriend had been shot!  On the street that we had just gone down, some guys came out and shot him in the arm.  I think they wanted his skateboard.

What if I would have left a few minutes later?  I go slow enough down the road he was shot on, and I always drive with the windows open.  Taking a car from a car of 4 girls might have seemed like an even better idea than taking a skateboard from a guy.


In general the town I live in is safe.  It caters to tourist, so although there are a lot of behind the scene crimes and violence, it is not something easily noticed or even talked about in this small party town.

The boy was okay, for those of you wondering.  He went to a local clinic and got stitches.  And he even kept his skateboard.  :)

It was a big reminder for me, however, that God will protect me wherever I go.

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