Sunday, December 30, 2012

A trip back in time

Over Christmas break, I went with Isaac & his family to visit his brother-in-law's parents, Carmen & Alvaro.  They live in Colonia Blanca, a small village tucked away in the mountains of Guanacaste.  It took 3 hours by car to get there, and once we arrived I felt like I had gone back in time!  None of the roads are paved, they are all dirt & rock roads.  Carmen &Alvaro bought their property around 5 years ago, and everything on it has come from their own hands.  They also shared with me that when they got married many years ago, Alvaro sold a property for 600 Colones.  That is equivalent to one dollar and 20 cents!!!  He said it was enough money to pay for the wedding, buy a new house for them to live in, and have a little extra spending money- imagine with just $1.20!!

This is a picture of the house they have now. It's a small wooden house with dirt floors.

This is Carmen's stove- it's a wood stove!  Just like the olden days!!

They eat from  the crops they grow on their land, and make tortillas from grinding up corn!

Isaac's sister, Rocio, is a distributer of clothes for World Vision, and his cousin helps distribute shoe boxes with Operation Christmas Child.  Months before Rocio talked with the community church there in Colonia Blanca to figure out how many children lived in the area.  She then arranged for a shoe box & clothes to be given to each child.  

It was really special giving out the clothes & boxes.  Rocio, Isaac and I did a small event at the church, with games, a snack, a Bible lesson and the distribution of the gifts.  The majority of the kids would have not received one gift for Christmas if Rocio wouldn't have organized the donations, and if we would have come.  I know the kids left blessed, but I think it was us who were even more blessed, to be able to give to those who truly don't have.

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