Friday, November 30, 2012


Meet my friends and Co-workers!  Lisa & Aimee, the 2 on the left are my roommates and the ones who are running the kids clubs!  Lidieth & I are on the right and we are ones who run the tutoring program.

Lisa is 22 & from Canada.  I met her in January 2011 in Tijuana.  She was doing the Children at Risk School while I was doing the Discipleship Training School.  She is not just a co-worker, but a really great friend to me in Jaco.

Aimee is 23 & from Wisconson, USA.  We did the Children at Risk school together last year here in Costa Rica. While I was doing my outreach in Southern Africa she was doing hers in Jaco!  She knows the ins and outs of Jaco and has blended into the community amazingly.

Lidieth is 26 & from San Ramon, Costa Rica. She is a teacher & works as a missionary through Radical Life Church, the church we work out of here in Jaco.  She was recently married, and so we have a lot in common, both being teachers and almost married/newly married.

These are the girls that I pray with, live with, laugh with, cry with, and have really come to love over these past few months.  God is good to me, sending me such great friends and fellow missionaries to work with!

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