Thursday, November 1, 2012


There have been a lot of changes in the past week... and more changes that are yet to come!

1. I am now tutoring with a partner!  Lidieth is a missionary-teacher from San Jose, Costa Rica who has  been tutoring kids from The Refuge for the last couple months.  We will now be working together- which means no more individual tutoring (now groups of 3), and instead of working with 9 kids I'm working with 21!

2. Isaac & the Freeman family moved!  Isaac lives with the Freemans, which means that wherever they go, he goes too!  They will be living with Lori, a long-time missionary to Costa Rica who takes in teenage boys.  They are now living in Herradura which is about a 20 minute drive from where I live.

3. I started a Cherish group!  Remember the girls discipleship/purity group that I did in Lesotho?  I had the material translated into Spanish, and have officially started the group!  Lisa (my roommate) and I are leading it on Wednesday nights with 4 teenage girls from the community.

4. The Freemans will soon start building on their property!  The needed papers came through, and they will be able to start building at the beginning of December.  Leslie & their 4 children will be going home to California before the building begins.  Scott will stay here to oversee the construction, and Leslie and the kids will return at the end of January.

5.  One of the families of Copey moved!  I was very surprised last week when I did home visits to find out that V and her 7 children were gone.  They had a conflict with a neighbor and decided that the best decision for their family (and their neighbor's) was to move out of that neighborhood.  All of us that work with the Refuge were very sad to know that the kids will not be in our programs anymore, and it gave us the reality check that we only have a short time to impact many of these families.

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