Monday, October 15, 2012

Angie's Concert

Most of the tutoring I do is at a restaurant called Soda Garabito.  The owner and staff are very kind to me and graciously allow me to tutor there every day.  It's interesting to be with the kids in public, and not have them in a private tutoring center.  I see how each child interacts with the adults and children that come in, as well as their "public" behavior.  

Angie is a special needs girl that I tutor.  She stutters, has a very loud talking voice, and has poor impulse control.  She is 9 years old, and I thoroughly enjoy tutoring her.  Every time I tutor her there is a new story to share...  and so I've decided to start sharing "Angie stories."

Angie loves sing.  We'll be in the middle of tutoring, and she'll feel the urge to burst into song- and then she'll sing.  Remember, that her talking voice is loud; her singing voice is a shout!  I tutor her at 2:30pm, and although the busy lunch hour is over, there are always still quite a few people at the Soda Garabito.   I usually tell her to keep singing but in a quieter voice.  But I never have her stop singing- or laughing, or talking.  I believe that she's quieted all day by adults and peers- and I want her to have to opportunity to "be her," even if it's embarrassing for me!

Anyways.... a few weeks ago when we were studying there at at the Soda, she announced that she needed the bathroom, got up and went towards the bathroom.  Then the singing began.  The entire Soda Garabito heard her 5 minute concert while she was in the bathroom- and they heard it loud and clear!  Everyone knew that Angie was with me, and as they heard her singing from behind closed doors, I was the one that got the looks.  It was a funny moment- that I enjoyed alone as I listened to Angie and smiled at the people that looked at me.  Her song continued as she left the bathroom and came back into the dining area.  When she saw me she laughed loudly, and came back to study.

There is something about Angie that fills me with life- although there are definitely moments when I feel uncomfortable- but she is a child that I've grown to love a whole lot, and that I look forward to seeing throughout the week!

[In my attempt to protect and respect the children I work with, I have decided to change their names when I write about them on my blog :) ]

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