Monday, September 24, 2012

Life lately

Life lately has been BUSY! Here are a few of the things, aside from daily tutoring and classes, that I have been up to...

Isaac's Family! 
Isaac's younger brother, nephew, and niece came to spend the weekend with us a few weeks ago.  They had a great time playing at the beach, going to an aquarium, and hanging out with us. Then, this past weekend Isaac's older brother came with his son and his wife to help host a team and hang out with us a bit! It was really nice hosting them, and we hope they'll be able to visit more frequently!

Independence Day!
September 15th was Independence Day here in Costa Rica.  There was a community parade, and nearly every child that we work participated.  It was a 4 hour parade, but really fun community event!

At the beginning of the month the house of a family we work with burned down.  Leslie Freeman asked Isaac and I to organize the house to be rebuilt.  We have spent this last week getting materials, organizing a teams and talking with the family to see what they want and what they need. 

Full House!
I share a house with 2 other girls, Lisa & Aimee.  But during this past month the two girls shown below, Shells and Liz, have also been living with us!  Shells is from Scott & Leslie's home church in California and will soon be doing a DTS in Nicaragua.  Liz interned with The Refuge last year for 6 months and came to visit the ministry and her good friend Lisa.  5 girls in one house made for a very busy month!! :)

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