Sunday, August 12, 2012

School Schedule

The schools here in Costa Rica have a schedule unlike any I have ever seen.  Here are the 2 possibilities for what a kids' schedule looks like:

Monday        Tuesday    Wednesday      Thursday   Friday
7-11:30am  12-4:30pm   7-11:30am   12-4:30pm   7-11:30am


Monday        Tuesday    Wednesday      Thursday   Friday
12-4:30pm   7-11:30am  12-4:30pm   7-11:30am   12-4:30pm  

Each child is constantly switching from having morning classes to afternoon classes.  

Then there are the size of classes.... which are incredibly large.  There are between 35- 40 kids per class.  Now imagine the teacher.  Teaching 40 kids in the morning, and 40 different kids in the afternoon.  Grading 80 papers, tests, homework assignments per day.  Thats a ton of work for just one person.  

Many kids fall behind and can't get caught back up.  There is no intervention- not because the teachers' don't want to, but because they are flooded with work while the kids are in the class, and then the work the teachers do after school.  

With some kids having their mornings free, and others their afternoons, it makes it easier for me to give one on one tutoring to children who need it.  I am currently working with 8 kids, helping them get caught up.  

8 seems like such a small number, but it's the most I can manage to truly help kids be at the necessary grade level and pass their classes. 

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