Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Surf Club

Each morning Scott runs a kids club where we take around 8 kids out to surf.  Every day there is a different group of 8. I'm not an expert surfer, or even close to good, but I do know how to read waves and when one is coming that is ridable.  Through this club, through pulling the kids out to the waves, and waiting until the right one comes, through pushing them as the wave is coming and cheering as they get to their feet, I've learned so much about these kids.  

Surf club is so much more than playing.  It's so much more than pushing the kids in the waves, helping them to catch the wave to be able to stand and then ride it; it's building a relationship of trust.  It's full of moments, as your'e waiting for waves to come, where kids open up and tell you what's going on at home and at school.  It's where I've been learning about the hard stuff they're dealing with. 

Surf club creates setting where discipleship can happen in a natural, relevant way.  When a child said, "I'm not important to anyone,"  I shared God's truth that God has more thoughts for us than the amount of sand on the shore.  And then asked questions to find the root of why that child believe he is not important. 

Through God's creation- the ocean, the waves, the sand.... and surfing and having fun, we are connecting with kids and discipling children here in Jaco. 

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