Friday, July 13, 2012

Becoming a resident

One of the other huge things that is going on in my life now, is that I am applying to become a resident of Costa Rica.  I won't change my status of being a US citizen, but declare to both governments that I a residing in Costa Rica.  

There is a list of 13 documents that I need; 2 from the US Government and the others from here in Costa Rica.  While I was home I spent time getting those 2 documents authenticated.    I've spent the last few days in San Jose trying to get the 11 other needed papers.  But it's not as simple as just getting a letter.

One paper I needed was my finger prints.  I went to the one place in Costa Rica where official finger prints are taken.  After waiting in a line for about an hour I went into an office and I was asked tons of information that was put into a system.  Things like: my parent's names, my eye/hair/skin color, weight, height, education, reason for being in Costa Rica, organization I work with, church I go to, place of birth, etc, etc.  So you see, it was a lot more then just getting a finger print.  It became a 3 hour process, where all I took from it was a paper that said my name, passport number, and had one thumb print.  

One of my 11 documents from Costa Rica.

To tell you about the process to get the other 10 would be too much to type, and too much to read.  The good news, is that I have all but 1 and will get it in 2 weeks.  Then I'll be able to go to immigration and submit all of my papers to be processed.

From the time I turn them in, it will take 90 days before I become a resident of Costa Rica, or as girls in Costa Rica are called, a Tica.

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