Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A week and a half to go...

After 3 weeks of nonstop travel I'm back in Ohio for another week and a half before leaving for Costa Rica.  I've been all over Texas and in Colorado with different families, friends, organizations and churches talking about what I did in Africa and what I'll be doing in Costa Rica.  It has been so good catching up with people I haven't seen in awhile, and making new contacts- but tiring as well!  I love talking and telling stories, and is what I have been doing nonstop since I've arrived in the US, but especially these past few weeks.

This Sunday I will be speaking at First United Methodist Church here in my hometown, and have various meetings throughout the week.  But this is my last week for meetings, phone calls and being with my family before going back to work.  As much as I've loved my time home, and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with friends from all over, I am excited to head back down to Costa Rica and get back to work!

I have been getting my paperwork ready so that I can start the process to becoming a resident of Costa Rica.  As soon as I arrive in Costa Rica I will spend a few days in the capitol of San Jose, submitting my documents and getting all of that in order.  Then I will be heading to Jaco with Isaac to start working full time with The Refuge.

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