Saturday, May 5, 2012

Home and busy!

I've been home for 2 weeks, and it feels like my time here is already flying!

You may wonder what I do while I'm home... and the answer is, a little bit of everything! 

I've been honored to speak to different groups in the area, and have been setting up other speaking engagements to share about my time in Africa, and also what I will be doing in Costa Rica.  This Sunday I will be speaking with a Sunday School group at local church here in my hometown, First United Methodist, and next Sunday I'll be speaking at the children's church of my home church, Christian Life Center.

I've recently finished writing my May newsletter.  If you are on my mailing list, you should be receiving it soon.  If you would like to receive my newsletter through mail, or email, please let me know at

One thing I was quite busy with my first week home, was helping my parents with their ministry.  They help with a medical missions organization in Swaziland, Africa, and were loading boxes and supplies onto a huge shipping container that was shipped out to Swaziland.  We loaded box after box, and with the church community helping, were able to fill up the container & ship it out.  It was a HUGE job that involved many hands and many hours of work.

But for me, the best part of being home is spending time with my family and friends.  I've had a great time catching up with my parents, hanging out with them, visiting with friends from high school, and with friends of our family.  Last year I was only in the US for 3 weeks, which didn't give me a lot of time to spend with friends and family. There is a lot of catching up to do & I'm thankful to be here long enough to meet with everyone!

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