Wednesday, April 18, 2012

USA Bound...and a little bit about the future!

After 10 months of being outside of the USA, I'm finally going back home tomorrow!  I'll be in Ohio for a month, and then to Texas & Colorado for a few weeks.  It will be so nice to see my family and friends after being gone for so long!  Also I am praying for different opportunities to share with churches and groups about the work I've been doing in Africa and the work I'll be doing in the future in Costa Rica.

In June I will be coming back here to Costa Rica to continue working with YWAM Costa Rica.  I will be working full time in the community of Jaco.  There are lots of details about what I'll be doing- which I'll share later on.  Scott & Leslie Freeman are missionaries from the USA who started working with the children in Jaco a few years ago.

Broken families, drug addiction, dropping out of school, underage prostitution, abuse and poverty are some of the risks the children in Jaco face.  The Freemans have begun a project called "El Refugio/The Refuge."  During my time in Jaco I will be helping them pioneer the project & disciple young girls who have a high risk of being trafficked into underage prostitution.

Check out their page: for more information about Jaco, El Refugio, and the work I'll be doing when I return to Costa Rica in June!

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