Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exciting news to share :)

It's a little bit personal, but important enough that I'm happy to share it with all those who are following my blog...  Isaac and I are now in an official relationship!

Just to give you a little background for those who are wondering...

I met him in 2008 when I was renewing my visa to be in Honduras.  I flew to Costa Rica to visit a couple of friends, and met Isaac while I was there.  He told me about YWAM and the Children at Risk ministry that he was doing.  I was interested in the training, but was committed to the ministry in Honduras.  We became friends on Facebook and remained only acquaintances.  When I left Honduras in November 2010, Isaac messaged me to tell me that the Children at Risk training was now being offered in Tijuana, Mexico.  He was unaware that I was leaving Honduras, and had messaged me just in case I knew of anyone that was interested.

I moved to Tijuana in January of 2011 to be trained with YWAM, knowing that I would be training with them to work with children.  Isaac was in Tijuana while I was doing my training, and we were able to start a friendship.  Our friendship grew throughout our time in Mexico, and even more when I moved in Costa Rica in July 2011 to do the children's training.  He was one of my leaders throughout the training, and again while we were in Africa.  Although there was mutual interest, we decided to set boundaries of friendship because we were on a YWAM outreach together.

Now that the outreach is over we have decided to start officially dating with the blessing of both of our families.  We have seen each other in all situations and circumstances; we have traveled together, ministered together and allowed a really strong friendship to grow.  We both have the same vision and passion of working with children in full-time missions.

Isaac is 27-- one year older than me-- and a native of Costa Rica. He grew up in the church and has a strong Christian family.  He is bilingual, speaking Spanish first and English second, and worked in tourism prior to joining YWAM.  He now has been in missions full time with YWAM for over 5 years.

I am very excited to share with everyone that Isaac is now in my life, hopefully for good :)

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