Friday, March 16, 2012


On Monday morning I was in the house and Isaac was not yet there.  So I went to his room to wake him up.  I stood outside the door and called his name.  He was already up so I went inside to tell him breakfast was ready, and then went back outside.

I turned to go to my room, which is right next door and saw a snake! I was so shocked that I said in a calm voice, "Isaac there's a snake!"  What?  "A SNAKE!"  He told me to go get Johan, the missionary who lives here.  I watched to see where the snake was going, and it went right in front of my door.  It slithered over the cloth that is in front of my door to keep out the bugs, and coild itself between the cloth and my door.  I then went and got Johan who got the whip.  He came to my room and whipped that snake to death.  It lifted itself up a bit, as if it were going to strike him or something, but Johan was quick with that whip and won the battle. He snapped its neck, killing the snake.

Later on we looked up what kind of snake it was due to the markings on its body.  It was cream color with black under the neck.  Guess what kind of snake it was...the Mozambique Spitting Cobra- the most poisonous snake in this country and one of the most in all of Southern Africa!! It was there in my door!  Can you believe it??

If I wouldn't have gone inside Isaac's room, it would have crawled over my feet, and if I wouldn't have gone to see if Isaac was awake, once I would have gotten to my room, I'm sure I would have stepped right on the snake, because I don't look down, and it really blended in with the color of the ground.

Wow! See how God always protects me everywhere I go?  It just shows me one more time that He is taking care of me.

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