Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last days in Mozambique

Today is our last full day in Mozambique.  Tomorrow we will be travelling with Johan &Anne to Nelspruit, and then on to Pretoria on Friday.  It is a HUGE blessing for Isaac and I to travel with Johan & Anne instead of taking public transportation, as we are accustomed to.

We were given the unique experience last Wednesday to see a water hole drilled for a local village.  The whole community was involved in the process, digging out the mud with their hands, and using buckets to empty the holes of water. 

We have been very busy these last few days working not only with the ministries of this local mission, but going to other churches, preschools and villages to minister there.  On Saturday we held a youth seminar at a village that is about an hour from here.  

Last week and this week I held teacher in-services with the teachers at this mission's preschool, and a different one close by.  
Isaac preached at two different churches the last two Sundays.  It was his first time preaching in English and he did a great job and was invited back to preach again.  Unfortunately, he was unable to accept the invitation as our time here in Mozambique is over. 

We both continued to work with the children here every afternoon.  Many of these children have captured our hearts, and it is bittersweet to say goodbye.  We are happy to be going home, but there is so much need that stays behind.

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