Monday, February 13, 2012

The Youth

There is a very big difference between what the Shangan culture believes about marriage and what the Bible says.  When Isaac and I learned of the belief system- that sleeping with multiple partners is acceptable and that a woman must be pregnant before she gets married, we decided to come alongside the local church and teach Biblical truths in these areas. 

We announced at church that we would be meeting with the youth ages 12-16 from 4-5pm.  We wanted to separate the guys and girls, but due to limited translators, ended up doing it as one big group. Isaac prepared the teaching about identity- who society says we are and what we should do, and what God says about who we are and what we should do.  

At 4pm we were in the church with 10 chairs set up.  At 4:10 it was still just the 2 of us with our translator, Moses.  By 4:30, still no one had come.  Finally Isaac said, "If no one comes by 5, we should just go home and plan it again for next weekend."  But as soon as the words were out of his mouth, 10 teens entered the church.  And then another 10.  And 5 more, and few more, until there were about 45 teenagers.  Some were from the church, but most of them from the community.  What an opportunity to share with those who don't know Christ, what He thinks of them!  And the Bible says that God thinks good things about them!  God wants a good future for them! 

After about an hour and half of games and teaching, we prayed and they went home.  Now, our prayer is that the Holy Spirit speaks to them and teaches the teens how to apply what they heard in their every day life.  We know that we are unable to make anyone, or any culture change- but it is God that stirs the hearts of people, speaks to them, and helps them change their ways to His ways.  We are just the tools He uses to get His message to the people. 

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DAD said...

I was the 20001st visitor to your blog - It is gratifying to see how many visitors from all over the US - and the world have seen what God is doing through you . Keep doing what the Holy Spirit tells you to do.