Thursday, February 16, 2012

Village Life

The name of the community I am living and serving in is Chaquelane.  There are about 6,000 people here, and like I said in an earlier post, half of them are children under 15 years old.  When you are driving to the community, you see a whole lot of nothing for a long time.  When I say we are out in the bush, I mean that you have to drive a long way to get to any store, gas station, or even a community that has electricity.
The nice thing about this area having no electricity (at the base we use a generator) is the sky at night.  I never seen so many stars in my life- it is quite breathtaking!

Here are some pictures of the houses the village people live in:

Most of the homes are either mud huts, or made of sticks. Life is very simple. And it's also very hot.  In February and March, average temperatures are around 100 F.  No electricity means no fans, no air conditioning, and nothing cold to drink.  Each afternoon, when it is the hottest, the village is very quiet.  If you are still and don't move much, you don't get as hot.  At 4pm is when people begin to leave their houses to get water, and when children come onto the base property to play or hang out.  

Either tonight or tomorrow Mozambique will be hit by a tropical storm.  We are praying that the winds will do no damage and that the rain will not flood out the houses.  As you can see, houses are not built to withstand heavy storms.  Please pray with us for the people here in the Gaza province as the storms come. 

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Laurel said...

Hi Karen, I heard about the storm coming your way on the news this am so I was praying for you guys right then. Then I heard it turned the other way! Praise God and I hope you are all safe along with your host village. Love and prayers to you all.