Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Value & Purity

This past Sunday we had another seminar with the youth.  Last week we talked about identity and this week we talked about value and sexual purity. We were supposed to split into 2 groups- I was going to be with the girls and Isaac was going to be with the guys.  When the woman who was supposed to translate for me came, she told me she was to nervous to translate and was unable to do it. I suggested that she sit in on the teaching so she could hear my English and how Moses translates. That way in the future I could use her because she would be used to how I spoke.  

She agreed, and Isaac and I quickly figured out how we would give our talk together. We decided to do it together, me teaching about value, him teaching about purity, me showing what happens to your heart if you have multiple partners, and him teaching about what God's best for us is, regarding marriage and sex.  

 About 40 teenagers came, and everything was going smoothly, until Isaac said, "God intended for sex to happen only within marriage.  If someone has sex outside of marriage, it is sin."  The lady who was supposed to be translating, who was just sitting in, spoke up.  She said, "That is not true!  If you love someone and you think that maybe you'll get married, it is okay for you to have sex with that person!"

I was shocked- this woman is the wife of a pastor and a leader in the community.  But she believes a common lie that many people around the world believe.  I was thankful that her comment came when Isaac was teaching, because he responded with kindness but also authority. "I understand why you think that love is a reason to be able to have sex with someone," he responded, "but no where in the Bible does it say that.  Every time someone has sex outside of marriage, the Bible calls it sin. If you love someone and want to have sex with that person, you must first make a commitment before God and your family and friends that you choose this person forever.  We call that commitment marriage."

His answer left her silent, as well as all of the other teenagers that were listening.  Although it created tension, it allowed Issac to speak truth about a lie that many believe.  

Now to a completely different topic- the tropical storm from last week!  Thank you so much for your prayers- for those of you who were watching the weather and what happened here, the storm stopped coming up the Mozambique Channel, and went right back out to sea.  We believe that it was because of prayers and God's hand that the storm had no effect here.  It is amazing to see how God works through prayer!  

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