Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kid's Ministry

Every afternoon Isaac and I have been doing a program with the children of the local village to teach them God's character.  We play games, sing songs, and then tell Bible stories.  The first day 8 children came, the second day there were around 20, and yesterday around 50.  The more kids that come, the harder it is to play games and keep everyone's attention, but we are grateful with God that he is putting the desire in the children to come, and to invite their friends and neighbors.  
 The games we play are simple.  We tried to play duck duck goose, but it was very difficult for them to decide which way to run, and to chase the person who touched them.  Their preferred game is London Bridge- they walk through the circle and laugh and are filled with pure delight.
 Many of these children are responsible for younger siblings.  It is common to see 3 and 4 year olds taking care of newborns.  We believe that every child should be able to engage in play.  There was a 3 year old with a very sick newborn who wouldn't stop crying, and therefore, wouldn't let her play.  So I took the baby in my arms as the children played and Isaac directed the game. Some times I am shocked at how the small ones will carry the babies, and I want to fix the position they hold the child in, or take the baby from them.  But they are living how it has been modeled to them- and if I am to have any voice in their lives, I must first accept their culture and way of living.
 Moses is a local Mozambique man who works with the missionaries here.  He is a great help to us in translating and in working with the children.  This week the theme was "God is very strong."

Next week we will reteach every lesson, because we want the children to not just hear, but to know how big, strong and powerful our God is.


Becky Dean said...

Karen, it is amazing to hear about the opportunities God has given you to serve in Africa! I love reading your blog. Continue the good work. You are an inspiration. :) I'm praying for you and Warner!

Laurel said...

Hello Karen, I really am so blessed reading your blog and hearing how God is using you and Warner to just love the kids there. My heart is filled with love for you both and for those incredibly beautiful children. I am praying for you guys daily now as the job you are doing must be demanding and yet I can just imagine what a privilege it must be as well. I am wondering what health care is available to the people there as you mentioned a sick baby in the care of a sibling! That is just unimaginable to us here. God bless you!!

Karen said...

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!!

Laurel- healthcare here exists, but many of the people from the villages take their children to the witch doctors instead of the medical doctors. The will do spells over the children and then put a bracelet on them that has "healing power." We are praying that our teaching about God being strong and powerful, will teach the children that it is God to turn to and not the witch doctors. But it makes healthcare a challenge here.