Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We have visas!

This Friday we will be going to Mozambique!  We have a children's ministry to serve with, affordable accommodation, and visas to stay for the last 2 months of our time here- it's all a huge answer to prayer!  Thank you for praying for us; God has given us wisdom and direction of where we are to go next.

Isaac and I went to the Mozambiquen consulate here in Johannesburg yesterday to apply.  We arrived around 10:30 and were greeted by the happiest people I have ever met.  We were ushered right in to the visa section of the consulate where the lady told us how much each of us had to pay for our visas according to our countries.  Isaac had to pay 500 Rand and I had to pay 750 Rand.  (R8 is $1) We were given directions to the bank where we had to deposit the money.  The bank ended up being 5 miles away, and so we walked as fast as we could, paid our money, and walked back all before 11:30.

The lady then gave us our visa forms and said, "You want to be there for 60 days? I can only authorize 30 days.  So what I'll do, is give you business visas so that after 30 days you can renew the visa for 30 more days without paying." She said that she would write out the visas for us and they would be ready by 4pm that very day.

Isaac and I walked out of the embassy with hearts FILLED of gratitude towards God.  We thanked Him our entire walk back to the mall.  We waited there for a few hours, walked around a bit, and went back to the consulate to get our visas.  We were thrilled to see the sticker in our passports that allows us to say for 2 months.

We read Acts 16:6-10 in the Bible and it gave us a lot of clarity as to what has been going on.  The Apostle Paul tried to go to one country but the Lord wouldn't let him, so he went somewhere else.  When he felt like his time was done, he tried to go to a different place, but the Lord also wouldn't let him, so he went to a new place to preach and work.  We saw that if God could do that with Paul, it was fine that he was doing it with us. As we read it, we were glad to know that we are not the only ones that has experienced this kind of change in plans!!

 One thing that we are both very excited about, is the new language that we will learn! The people in Mozambique speak Portuguese, which is similar to Spanish.  It will be much easier for us to learn Portuguese than to learn the language in Namibia which is Afrikaans/German.

We will leave for Mozambique on Friday morning, taking a bus to Maputo, and then a different bus to Chiquelane which will become our new home. The ministry does not have a website, but they do have a page on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook you can look up "Mepa Mozambique" to see pictures and read more information about where we are about to go, and what we will be doing!


Laurel said...

Hi Karen, Praise God for all the answered prayers for your team! I have followed with interest your journeys in Africa.I am a friend of Warner's brother Jorge and have been praying for Warner and your team since I first heard that you were going to Zimbabwe a country I have special interest in. I will continue to pray as you go to Mozambique. Laurel Dixon

Karen said...

Hi Laurel, thank you for your prayers and for following us here! Warner told me about you and that you have been a great source of encouragement and support for him. I'm glad you found me here and can follow along on this journey!