Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great week with Katie & her family

This week vacation has been jam packed with fun things.  Katie's family has treated us with incredible hospitality, and we all have felt right at home with them and their friends.  We've enjoyed great food, going out for coffee, going to a concert, jet skiing on the dam, going to the beach and driving around at a game park! Aside from all of the things that we did, I enjoyed being part of a family again and building new friendships with the Potters.  I never would have thought that when Katie Potter and I said goodbye to each other in Mexico, that we'd be seeing one another in her home just 6 months later.  But it's amazing to see how the Lord puts friendships together, and allows us to stay close with those we didn't expect!  Tomorrow we will be going back to Lesotho.  Hopefully it will be a shorter ride than the way over here, but we are preparing for anything! 

Here are the 3 from the Costa Rica team with Katie & her sister Michelle as we drove through the game park this morning. We saw wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, ostrich, hippos, warthogs, rhinos, impalas, & kudus.  

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