Sunday, January 29, 2012


We made it to Mozambique safe and sound and we see why the Lord has sent us here!  We are in the middle of nowhere- the bush is how the Africans call places like this!  We are in a very small village 200 km outside of the capital, Maputo.  The missions organization we are staying with is called Tribal Missions, and the missionaries who are here are an older Afrikaans couple who have been at this location for 10 years.  They are incredible people of God.

Yesterday 2 men arrived as well who work with Missions without Boarders.  They are setting up a sponsorship program for the 3,000 children that live in this community.  Neither one speak any English- only Spanish.  So guess what Isaac and I have been doing? Translating!  We see how God has put us here at the same time they are here. They have been planning this missionary trip for over a year.  Every door in Africa shut to us, except to come to Mozambique.  We see God's hand in this!

There are 3 main religions here- those who worship Jesus, those who worship ancestors, and those who practice witchcraft.  Witchcraft is very strong here, and daily we hear the drumbeat that puts people in trances.  These are people who not only need their children better taken care of and looked after- they are in need of knowing who the living God is.  And we are here to help them know and see the power of our God- the only God who came to earth to live with us, and then rose from the dead.

Our internet access is limited because of where we are.  But I invite you to be praying with us as we are here.  Please pray for God to use our lives to show and teach that Jesus is the only way to get to God.  Pray for our health as we are in a high risk malaria area.  Pray that the men from Chile who are setting up child sponsors would be able to organize everything well to take back home.  Pray that Isaac and I would be a good support to those setting up, and for us as we are translating.  Pray also for us to be protected by God in all that we do- as there are real witches here who use the power of the devil to try to stop God's work from being done.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. I feel like it only gets more intense as I go, but I see God with me, and I can feel your prayers and love from far away.

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