Sunday, January 8, 2012

Last week in Lesotho

We made it back safely to Lesotho after a very long drive from Durban.  We arrived around 9pm on Wednesday, and the children at God's Love Centre were delighted to see us on Thursday morning.  A lot of old clothes were donated to the children while we were gone, and the clothes that were too old or with too many holes were outside in a burn pile.  The younger girls love to play with dolls, and so I helped them go through the clothes and cut material that they could use to make new clothes for their dolls & things for their dolls' homes.  For the past few days I have been teaching the young girls how to sew clothes and pillows.

We have seen that the older children do most of the activities when the visitors come, and the small children get left out.  So we planned an activity of taking the younger kids (ages 7-10) to the swimming pool.  The 5 children we took with us had an absolute blast.  They didn't know how to swim, but they loved splashing each other and jumping into the kiddie pool.  When we were leaving the pool Matt commented that he felt sick.  As we drove home, he felt worse and worse until he started vomiting.  He was sick all night, and this morning Isaac & I took him to the hospital, where they gave him an IV and want him to stay for at least 12 hours to be monitored.  Please pray for Matt's health that he recovers quickly.

We will be leaving Lesotho by the end of this week and going to Windhoek, Namibia to work in an orphanage and community centre for vulnerable children.  We are still working on detail of how to get there and waiting for the visa.  The ministry, Beautiful Kidz, has been working on getting the visa since the end of November, and the agent said it will be ready this Monday so we can travel on Thursday & Friday.


Leslie said...

Praying for Matt and your next journey! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Stephanie Short said...

Sister Karen..Just prayed for Matt! So exciting to hear how God is using you guys in Africa! Please know that y'all are in my prayers! Love you lots and I will let you know how things are going here as far my next steps!