Sunday, January 22, 2012


With all the planning that we did and could have done before we left for Africa, I don't believe anything could have prepared us for the actual experience that it has been.  We planned to be in Zimbabwe for the full 6 months, and because we were refused the visa, went to Lesotho.  Our time in Lesotho (almost 3 months) was very fruitful.  We saw the Lord use our lives and make a difference in the lives of all of the children.  We were sad to leave, but we really knew our time had ended because the children were returning to school January 16th.   As you know, we were planning to go to Namibia, but the three of us were denied visa and entry into the country.  It was quite a shock to me, but as a friend told me, it wasn't a shock to God and he knows what he's doing.

Throughout this past week our small team of 3 has spent hours praying, both together and as individuals.  There are 2 missionary teams, one from Germany and another from South Africa that have been praying for us as well.  Thank you to those who read and know me that have been praying. We have heard about lots of opportunities and places that would like us to come.  But Isaac really encouraged us to just spend time seeking God and His will for us.  So that's what we've done- we've done a few ministry outreaches, but mostly spent time in prayer.  And God has spoken to one of our team members.  

Matt has made the decision to return back to the United States this week.  This decision came after lots of prayer, dialogue with his family, and time with the team.  In Lesotho he became a big brother to most of the kids at the center.  It was a huge learning and growing time for him to be at that ministry location.  Because the plans of our 6 month outreach changed from being at 1 location to multiple locations,  Matt has chosen to finish his outreach after having served at God's Love Centre.  Although we are sad to see him go, we believe in His ability to hear God's voice and make good decision for his future.  He will be going back home to work and raise money to soon hopefully work in construction/ministry in Nicaragua.  He is leaving on Wednesday, so please pray for his safe flight home and that God will continue the good work he started in Matt's heart while here in Africa. 

So our team of 3 will become a team of 2 on Wednesday.  Isaac and I are sad to see Matt go, but we are still excited to see what the future holds for us here in Africa.  We are praying and applying for visas to go to Mozambique to work with a children's home.  The home is run by Christians, but need help training the children in God's ways. They were excited to hear of our interest in coming, and as we told them, "If God opens the doors through us getting visas, we will know that it is God's will for us to come."  If not, we will continue to pray about the future.  

Isaac's older brother Tony was recently engaged and set the wedding date for March 3, 2012.  Tony's wedding also throws another unknown into the end of this 6 month outreach.  If God provides financially for Isaac to change his ticket and go to the wedding, I know that is something that he would really like to do.  

Then that leaves me...I'm trusting God and I know that he will guide my footsteps in these next few months.  If I stay until April or also leave at the beginning of March, I will know that the work He gave us to do will have been completed.  As we trust Him to lead us and guide us, He will show us the way, and the timing to do it in.  So really, we thank you for your prayers.  We believe that God hears them and is responding.  


Heidi said...

I have learned that patience and trust are some of the hardest things to do when we are waiting for an answer to "what is next." However, the Lord puts us in these places to lean on Him, for He knows what is best even if we see/hope for a different plan. I will continue to pray for your team as you experience all of the changes you are going through.

"Be strong and brave and wait for the Lord's help." -Psalm 27:14

P.S. I received your update in the mail and always love reading/seeing your pictures. Thanks!! Xo

Karen said...

Thank you for your encouraging words Heidi! I shared them with the rest of the team and they also felt encouraged by them! xxxx