Monday, December 12, 2011

Highlights from the week

Cherish Group
This week when I met with the 5 girls in my Cherish group we continued talking about identity and who we are in Christ.  I had them do an activity where they drew a picture of them in the past, them in the present, and them in the future.  Then I showed them Bible verses that say how God was with them in the past how he is with them here in the present, and that he has a good future for them.  One of the verses talked about God being a tender and compassionate father.  This greatly surprised the girls as they have never known that our God is tender and compassionate. 

Day Camp
Because the kids are no longer in school, they are with us all day (which we love!).  We planned a day camp for them with lots of games and activities, but they were really just into 1- 4 square.  They had never played 4 square before and loved the game.  The first day they played it for 5 hours without stopping.  We let them play the game and didn’t try to move on, because they were actually getting alone with one another and not fighting.  The rest of the week consisted mostly of us playing 4 square, but we did play some other games that they enjoyed and thought were hilarious. 

As Christmas is coming, we are trying to get the community involved in supporting the centre.  We have gone to local businesses and grocery stores trying to get Christmas donations.  One donation that we have already received is free movie tickets for all of the kids.  On December 21st we will be taking them to the moves to see Arthur Christmas.  We have only told the director, not the children yet, but we know they will be thrilled as most of them have never been to the move theatre.  We will be paying for popcorn, drinks and transportation.  Thank you for YOUR donations for making this possible for the kids!
African Wedding
Sechaba is our main contact here in Lesotho and got married on Saturday!  We were all invited and expected a wedding different to our culture- which is exactly what we found!  The wedding lasted over 8 hours.  It started at 9am and when we left at 6:30pm, it was still going! 

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