Friday, December 16, 2011

Helping the kids help others

This week has gone by incredibly fast, and tomorrow we are off to the mountains 6 hours from Maseru to work with a YWAM couple that are working to start a church in the mountains.  We will come back on Thursday afternoon. 

On Tuesday we took 5 of the older teenage boys to the other side of Maseru to clean up an orphanage that burned down.  We learned of the fire when 4 new kids came to the orphanage a little over a month ago.  On Thanksgiving Day the 3 of us went to see the orphanage that had burned, and saw that no one had been yet to clean it up.   We decided that we could take some of the older boys, including one boy that came from the fire (Vokan), to clean. 

As we drove the 45 minutes in the taxi-bus, Vokcan was pointing out his former school, the surrounding towns, and showing his new friends where he came from.  I think it was really healthy that he was able to come and show us his former life. 

We all worked really hard and we shoveled ash, pushed out windows, moved bunk beds, and cleaned up glass for about 4 hours.  The kids were exhausted when we got back, but it was a really great experience to help them help their community and friend. 

On Thursday Isaac celebrated his 27th birthday.  We went for dinner with our neighbors who are wonderful African people that we have gotten to know over the past 2 months. 

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