Monday, December 5, 2011

He thinks about us all the time

While I was in South Africa, I met a woman named Ruth who trained me in a program she developed called Cherish.  It is a Christian program designed for young women to teach them about their value in God and to live pure lives, according to Biblical standards.  Last Friday I started a Cherish group with 5 of the girls at the orphanage.  I baked cupcakes for them, served juice, and did my best to treat them as special as possible.  In a place where orphans are only given leftovers, I want to give them my best.

The first Cherish lesson is on value, identity and intimacy with God.  We went over scriptures that talked about their value and who they are in God. We read truths that said that God has a plan for their lives, they they were created with purpose, that God thinks about them all the time, etc.   They were then given the opportunity to express which truth touched them the most.  One girl wrote: "Ever since my parents died no one thinks about me or cares about me.  But I always hoped that God did care.  And now I know that he thinks about me all the time, just like I was hoping."  

It absolutely broke my heart that she wondered and hoped that God cared about her.  Such a simple, but profound truth that I have grown up believing, she only HOPED to be true.

There 8 chapters in the Cherish book, and so I will be meeting with the girls 7 more times in the same setting. Please pray that God will speak to each girl His truth about them, and use His word to bring emotional healing in their lives.


Leslie said...

oh my heart, that is just precious! So glad you are able to share with these girls - praying that this will be a message they take to heart and believe for the rest of their lives. love you! You guys are AMAZING.

Evan and Nicole said...

Precious!! Love this story! -- I am praying for your girls -- They are on my heart--- Praying for you to continue to speak wisdom and truth into their lives.. Love this! ...