Thursday, December 29, 2011


People often tell me how adventures my life is.  Most of the time I think to myself that my life isn't that extraordinary, but there are times that I see why other people say that about me.  Here is another reason why...

My good friend lives in Durban, South Africa and invited Isaac, Matt & I to come to her house for our week off.  We were warned by our friends in Lesotho that everyone would be traveling to Durban for vacation, and that it would be better for us to leave on Wednesday instead of Thursday, as we had planned.  I called Katie and she that she was ready for us whenever. 

Because of the advice of our friends, we decided to leave our house at 4:30am on Wednesday. Our neighbor told us he would take us to the place where we could get a taxi to the border.  We couldn't go to the boarder of South Africa/Lesotho from Maseru, because there wasn't public transport going from there to Durban.  Our neighbor dropped us off, and the 3 stood waiting for a taxi to come.  5 minutes later our neighbor was back and told us that we would probably get a ride quicker if we hitch-hiked. 

A car drove passed as he was explaining to us how to hitch hike properly, and he flagged it down.  After a short conversation with the man, he waved us into the car and we were off.  The man was as exhausted as we were, but we arrived safely at the boarder an hour and a half later.  Hitch hiking in Africa- a success.  After we crossed the border we quickly found the tax-bus to Durban, bought our seats, and got inside.  It was about 7am.  And then we waited. And waited. And waited.  Buses don't leave until all the seats have been purchased, and it was a 12 passenger bus.  By 9am we were still the only people on the bus.  By 10am 1 girl had come. 

We didn't leave the bus station until 1:20pm.  We were tired and anxious to leave, and Katie was just as ready for us to be there.  The trip took about 6 hours, and we got to see the beauty of South Africa as we drove, and even saw herds of Zebra.  Katie lives just outside of Durban, and she and the bus driver spoke on the phone to arrange where we would be dropped off on the way. We were all happy to have arrived safe and sound and see Katie and her mom waiting for us on the side of the highway. 

Today we slept in & went down to the beach which is beautiful. 

We'll be here until January 4th, enjoying being in a home with a family and with my good friend :)

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