Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Lesotho

 Our Christmas wasn't white, but it was really specail as we spent it with the orphans at God's Love Centre.  Christmas in Lestho is celebrated by eating "nice food" and wearing Christmas clothes (new clothes), and I was happy to give a little of both to the Center for Christmas.

 We bought 3 chickens and after we got home from church, Isaac and I spent the rest of the morning baking them in our oven.  Because neither of us had ever made chicken before, Isaac kept calling it our "chicken experiment."  The good news is that our chicken experiment turned out rather well, and fed way more people that we thought it would!  Around 40 children and adults were served big pieces, and there was still 1 1/2 chickens left for the next day.  We thank God that there was enough for everyone with plenty left over!! 

Basting the chickens

Giving the 3 chickens to Me' Matabo (the cook) and Me' Neo (the director)
who were thrilled to recieve meat on Christmas.

On the 23rd I had the Cherish girls at my house to do a lesson on HIV/AIDS, something they are already very familiar with.  As we were leaving I asked them if they were excited for Christmas.  They told me that they had no new clothes to wear for Christmas and were sad to not be able to wear Christmas clothes.  They told me that they were going to stay in bed all day because it would just be a regular day without new clothes.  After they left my house I went throuh my suitcase and realized I brought 6 dresses.  Which means if I were to share with them there would be a dress of each of us to wear on Christmas.  I had the girls over again on the 24th to let them choose a dress to wear on Christmas.  I have never seen them so excited, with so much expression!  They were so happy to wear the dresses on Christmas. 

In front of the Christmas tree (technically a branch) with 4 of the 5 girls
who borrowed my dresses for Christmas.  The 5th girl was invited to spend
Christmas at a friend's house.
On Wednesday we gave our Christmas present to the children, which was taking them to the movies to see Arthur Christmas.  Isaac talked with the manager of the theatre, who donated tickets for all of the children to come.  He said the only thing we would have to pay is for combos (popcorn & drink) for half of the children.  So if 30 kids were to come, we would buy 15 combos.  When we got to the theatre the manager changed what we had to buy, and said that we needed to buy 1 combo per child.  This was over $100, as we had 26 kids with us.  We couldn't say no, and we couldn't take the kids back, so we agreed to give 1 per child and were calculating the money in our bank accounts as the kids were served.  After everyone had a drink and popcorn, we got ready to pay and the manager said, "You guys are from YWAM, right?" We told him that we were and then were so overwhelmed when he told us, "My sister-in-law is with YWAM too- I want to help you guys out, so all of this is on the house, you don't have to pay a thing."  We were shocked!  And so happy!!  And once again we saw God's goodness and favor over what we are doing with the children here.  As we give, we are so blessed. 

Isaac & Jaco (the owner of the theatre) getting the popcorn & drinks ready for all the kids.

Matt, Isaac & I with 24 of the 26 kids we took to the movies with us.
It's been a few days since Christmas has passed, but I want to wish all of you who read here a very Merry Christmas!!

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Brenda Bodey said...

I LOVE the story about sharing your dresses for the day and the blessing at the Movie Theater. God is so Good. Thanks for keeping those of us who are praying for you entertained and encouraged with your stories. KEEP ON Girl!