Friday, November 18, 2011

Still no answer about Zimbabwe

It has been a month since Isaac sent in the appeal for the visa, so yesterday we travelled from Lesotho back to Johannesburg to check the visa.  I was certain that we would hear a response today- a yes or a no, but a response.  And I was shocked when they said, "come back on Monday."  Totally shocked.  We left the embassy dumbfounded asking God what he is doing.  In the past month two different people who don't know what's going on with the Zimbabwe situation have come up to us and said, "I just feel like you should know that sometimes when plans don't work out the way we think they should, that it's not because you've done something wrong.  It's because God uses one thing to get you somewhere else where maybe you wouldn't have gone to or planned for."

Although we all of 6 month visas to stay in Lesotho, we are praying about different ministries and options that are becoming available to us.  One ministry is Beautiful Kidz in Namibia, and another is Love Botswana in Botswana.  Of course we are still praying that the Lord will move mountains for us to enter Zimbabwe, and we are in constant communication with the ministry leaders, who completely understand the visa situation.   But as we continue to wait we are being exposed to many different types of ministries here in Africa and learning a great deal of how to work with orphans, children with HIV, street children, inner-city ministries, and the variety of African cultures we have been with.

On Monday we'll apply for a visa to Namibia and recheck the Zimbabwe visa, and then will return to Lesotho on Tuesday whether we hear an answer or not.  But for this weekend we are enjoying the indoor plumbing, running water, showers, and good friends here at the Joseph Project.

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