Sunday, October 23, 2011

We'll miss the Joseph Project!

On Friday we planned a bunch of fun activities for the kids in the after school program.  We started with praise and worship, and then taught a Bible verse about prayer.  Then we divided the kids up into teams, and they did their own dramas about prayer.  They were quite hilarious and very creative!  All of us were impressed with the way they incorporated the 4 mandatory props (a broom, a cup, a chair & a random object to talk about prayer.  Then in those same teams we played a game where they had to pick up gummy candy with chopsticks! 

 Then we made fruit loop necklaces.  I was surprised how into it the older kids were, but they had never made them before, and LOVED making patterns with the blue, pink and white fruit loops.

Sad to leave this little girl who won my heart over!
 Pauline was one of the 2nd graders that I've been
working with over the past few weeks. 
We are so grateful to YWAM Johannesburg and the Joseph Project for all of the help, hospitality, and new friendships.  If anyone is ever interested in coming to serve the Lord here in Johannesburg, South Africa, I HIGHLY recommend this ministry to work with.  They are truly amazing.

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