Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ministry on Wednesday

Yesterday and today have been exciting days filled with ministry and lots of laughter!  There was a slight change of schedule, and we didn't go exactly where we had planned to, but all the same we got to work with children and be a blessing to them and their caregivers. 

On Wednesday morning we ended up going to a preschool in 2 blocks away.  When I say preschool, it's not what you think.  In the projects, where we were, houses that look decent on the outside are filled with families. Known as landlord pimps, the owners rent each room of the house out, so there are huge families living in each room of the home.  Teacher Grace, an immigrant from Kenya, rents one room for her family, and another room to have a preschool so her family has an income.  There were about 15 children that were in her school.  It was an unexpected help for her, and as she let us into her house, she was screaming for joy (literally) and jumping up and down.  She showed us to the room where we would be "teaching" introduced us to the kids, and left the room.  We were all kind of in shock- 15 kids looking at us, and the 4 of us (Matt, Isaac, Megan, and myself) looking at them.  We ended up singing songs, doing a puppet show, teaching a Bible verse, coloring a sheet, and going to the park to play.  

The funniest part of the morning was definitely the puppet show.  Isaac & I were the puppets, as Megan and Matt held the sheet.  I popped my puppet up where the kids could see her, and said, 'Hi!!" soon followed by Isaac's puppet popping up saying "HOLA!!"  Right there I died laughing.  Isaac speaks great English, but his first language is Spanish, and "hola" is just what came out!  I couldn't speak as I was laughing, and so I just flopped my puppet over to pretend he was sleeping as I got my giggles out.  Throughout the puppet show my puppet needed to sleep often, but I believe the kids got the point across that the puppets were teaching about being strong & courageous, and that they enjoyed the show! 

On Wednesday afternoon we returned to the same neighborhood where the preschool is located and did a sidewalk Sunday school.  This is where right there on the sidewalk, the kids sit down to hear a lesson they would typically hear in a Sunday school class.  About 40 kids came and attentively listened to the story of the Good Samaritan.  Megan and I both commented to each other afterwords, how well behaved the kids were and helpful they were to one another.  It is very different seeing how kids respond to adults here, versus how kids respond to adults in the United States and where I have lived in Central America.  Our team acted out the story of the Good Samaritan, and we got a lot of stares as the "thieves" (Megan & Isaac) pushed Matt (the victim) to the ground, took of his shoes and jacket and pretended to beat him.  This is a very poor neighborhood full of immigrants where crime is common, so for them to see the white people come in and beat each other up as the children watched, was quite a sight! (Assuming from their wide mouthed stares!)  

After the lesson, we did a craft with the kids and played with them.  Our prayer is that they felt the love of God as we hung out & played with them, and that the story they heard from the Bible will encourage them to treat one another kindly. 

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