Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to make friends

I can tell from the conversations I have with the girls in the after-school program, that they have not had a lot of interactions with Americans.  I love to ask them questions, and have me ask questions in return.  At the end of our talks, we are usually all laughing.  Here is one of my conversations from the other day with Kerry:
Kerry & I
Kerry: Auntie Karen, you know that you talk like Hannah Montana?!
Me: Oh really?  Well, we probably talk alike because we're from the same country.
Kerry: What?!  You are friends with Hannah Montana?
Me:  No, we're not friends, my country is really big.  I've never met her.
Kerry: Well when you go back to her country, you should become friends.
Me:  It's not that easy! What am I supposed to do...go to her house, knock on her door and say, "Hey Hannah, want to be my friend?"
Kerry: Of course not!  Hahahaha!  That's not how you make friends!  You have to go to her house and start to chat.  And then start going every day to chat about new things.  THAT is how you make friends!

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