Saturday, October 22, 2011

Goodbye to the kids at Mama Grace's preschool

Because the preschool here at the Joseph Project has enough volunteers, during the mornings we helped at a local preschool run by Mama Grace.  The 3 of us went on Friday to say goodbye to her, and the children.  We spent about 3 hours with them, teaching, singing, and playing.  There are no toys in the preschool, it is just a room with a lot of posters on the wall.  The kids get pretty wild playing with each other, and especially when there are new "teachers" in the class to play with them!  There were moments of great learning, and moments of extreme chaos.  But Mama Grace didn't care because she had helpers, and the kids loved the extra attention.  

We were invited to eat lunch with them, and ate a traditional African meal: Pap & cabbage soup.  Pap is like sticky cornmeal.  I was surprised that the first child didn't wait for silverware, and began eating with her hands. She literally was sticking her entire hand in her mouth as she ate.  Then I noticed, there was no silverware, and the way to eat this meal IS with your hands!  Mamma Grace served the 3 of us, and we all dug in too- with our hands! ,Apparently there was a right and wrong way to do it!  I was using my hand as a spoon, and was laughed at by a few kids, who told me how to eat it the correct way.   It was definitely a new experience- I have never eaten with my hands before, but it felt good to be part of the culture we are working with- not only be with them, but eat how they eat! 

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