Thursday, October 20, 2011

God has opened the doors to...Lesotho!

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been praying for us!  Our faith and trust in God has been stretched in these last few days, and I truly appreciate all of your prayers and encouragement!

Now, onto the news!  The team I am here with is made up of 3: Myself from the US, Isaac from Costa Rica, and Matt from the US.  Matt & I were both granted a 90 day visa when we entered into South Africa, and Isaac was given only 30.  On October 28th, next Friday, that visa runs out.  So not only did I feel anxious for being denied the visa into Zimbabwe, legally our team could not stay in South Africa past Friday.  All of the neighboring countries, except Botswana, requires Costa Rican citizens to apply for a visa before entering the country.  We were advised not to go to Botswana just to renew Isaac's visa, because South Africa does not have to give the 30 day visa again.  Many times when traveling across borders, South Africa will give 7 a 7 day visa, instead of the full 30 or 90 days because they consider you in transit.

Eungyu is our main contact here at the Joseph Project & she did her DTS in Lesotho.  We had learned of an orphanage that was started in South Africa and multiplied into Lesotho, Zambia, and Namibia called Beautiful Gate.  Eungyu called her friend at the YWAM base in Lesotho to explain our situation, thinking that although we would have to apply for visas outside of Lesotho, it would be the quickest visa to get. The plan was that he would write a letter of invitation for the 3 of us to work at Beautiful Gate, and our prayer was that we would be able to apply for the visa and receive it before next Friday, when Isaac's South African visa expires.

This afternoon Isaac, Matt & I had a prayer time, where we just asked the Lord to give us direction of where to go.  Also know, that we appealed the refusal of the visa.  We did come here to Africa in hopes of working with Fountain of Hope in Zimbabwe, and so that is still what we (and the ministry in Zim) are working toward.   We asked the Lord to open the doors wide to where he wants us to go, and to make the impossible possible.

Just an hour later, Eungyu received a phone call from the YWAM leader in Lesotho.  He had investigated on our behalf, and if he meets us on the boarder as we cross into Lesotho with the letter of invitation to work at Beautiful Gate, they will grant us a 72 hour permit to be in the country.  Within that 72 hours we can go to Home Affairs (similar to immigration) to apply for and receive the visa to stay there for 6 months, with multiple entries.  This means that if we do get the visa to Zimbabwe, we will be able to go, and if we don't, we will be able to stay the entire rest of the outreach in Lesotho.

We will be traveling to Lesotho by bus on Monday. We are so excited that God has made a way.  It's so easy to trust Him when things are going great, but when they are not, is when my faith is tested.  God has shown me once again, that He will lead me, and He will make a way where it seems impossible.

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Leslie said...

What an adventure you all are on! I love how you are pressing into God and letting Him lead you. We're praying for you and love you guys!
Leslie, Scott and family