Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A few more days in Johannesburg

We went back to the Embassy of Zimbabwe today, but the visa is still not ready.  The paperwork was sent from here to Harare, the capitol of Zim, to be processed.  They are expecting it to be returned any day, but they are not sure which day!  As one of our South African friends told us today, “This is Africa- there is no rush to get anything done early, or on time.”  We were told to return Thursday for the visa.  Please pray with us that it is there on Thursday so that we are able to leave on Friday. 

Until then, we will continue to be working with the Joseph Project.  The school is back in session & we are helping out with the preschool in the morning and the after school program that runs daily in the afternoons.  We are more than welcome to stay as long as it takes, and the people here are very happy to have some extra help!  Here are some pictures of where we are staying here in Johannesburg:

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