Monday, October 31, 2011

Even more changes!

A week has gone by, and wow- even more changes to tell about.  We came here to Lesotho to work at an orphanage, Beautiful Gate, that serves AIDS orphans and vulnerable children.  Once we got here we started working with YWAM Lesotho, helping with their street kids ministry and going around with our contact, Sechaba, to see the other ministries that they do here.  I recieved an email from Beautiful Gate about details of what we would be doing and the costs.  To our great surprise, the cost of living at Beautiful Gate was almost double than what we came prepared to spend a month.  So, Sechaba suggested that we serve at one of the orphanages started by YWAM.  After a lot of phone calls and Sechaba going through all of his contacts, we found an orphanage that is eager for us to come volunteer at, and a place to stay. 

We moved today into our new place.  It is quite small, but we each have a bed and electricity.  There is no running water however, and so we will be getting our water from a pump down the road and carrying it to where we live.  I also hope that the orphanage, called God's Love, will allow us to shower there, or else it will be bucket showers! 

The orphange was started by YWAM but then turned over to the community.  There are around 40 children, most are young- under 6 years old, and the majority of them are HIV positive.  The orphanage started a preschool and one of my responsibilites will be teaching in the preschool.  They are also trying to be self-sustained and have a garden and some chickens. 

This has really been an adventure of faith- knowing that God has called us to this continent to work with orphans, but not being able to find a location to work!  We are thrilled to start helping out at God's Love and to have a place where we can unpack for awhile.

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