Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy week ahead...

We were disappointed to learn that this week the kids are on vacation, and would not be coming to school.  We spoke with our contact here, Eyung, and asked her if she could put us in contact with other YWAM ministries in the area so we could be serving while we were here.  Today Ruth, a YWAM leader from the Johannesburg area came and met with us to set up what we would be doing the rest of the week.  Just because there will not be school, doesn't mean we won't be very busy! We also will have 1 more person working with us this week: my sister Megan!!  Megan is a missionary in Swaziland, which is a landlocked country inside of South Africa.  She is only a 5 hour bus ride away, and will be coming tomorrow to visit and stay for the week. :)

 Here is what our week will look like:

Tuesday morning: Pick up my sister Megan from the bus station
Tuesday afternoon: Prayer walk in a local neighborhood where they are starting a church plant

Wednesday morning: Do a "Sunday school" program in the neighborhood where we did the prayer walk on Tuesday
Wednesday afternoon: Help at a drop-off center for babies who are abandoned

Thursday morning: Pray for HIV positive children at a local children's hospital
Thursday afternoon: Clean the Joseph Center and get ready to travel

Friday morning: Get Isaac's visa from the Zimbabwean Embassy, take Megan to the bus station for her to return to Swaziland
Friday evening: Take the 8:30pm bus to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe!  We will arrive the next morning around 9:30.

We are very excited to start working!  Please pray with us as this will be a very busy week!

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