Thursday, September 1, 2011

Outreach to Zimbabwe

The 6 month outreach/internship is coming together, and after planning and praying we have decided to go to Zimbabwe, Africa!

We have a definite team now of 3:
Isaac, 26 years old, Costa Rican citizen, YWAM staff since 2008
Matt, 19 years old, American citizen adopted from Paraguay, Children at Risk school student
And then there's me :)

We are in the process of getting South African transit visas from the consulate here in San Jose.  I am in contact with the YWAM base in Johannesburg, South Africa who will be picking us up from the airport and hosting us as we apply for visas to enter Zimbabwe there in Johannesburg.  After we get our visas, we will go to Bulawaya, Zimbabwe using the Greyhound Bus.

We will be working with the Fountain of Hope foundation that is 23 km outside of Bulawayo.  They run a children's home, do community development, and run a soup kitchen that serves children at a local elementary school.  The ministry also runs psycho-social camps and do a lot of ministering to children and their psychological needs.

Our round trip tickets are from the beginning of October to the beginning of April.  As plans continue to solidify, I will be updating about those details!

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