Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A week from today..

In one week from today, Warner Isaac, Matt and I will be leaving for South Africa.  I can’t believe the school is coming to a close this soon, and that our next journey is right around the corner.  We got our passports back from the South African embassy, and to our surprise there were no visas!  We called the lady at the consulate who had been helping us, who explained that she recently found out that transit visas were not necessary.  We did a lot of work for nothing- and lost $200 in the process, but at least we know we can enter into South Africa without a problem. 

As you pray for our team, or main request is that we would quickly receive visas to enter into Zimbabwe.  It can be a short, or long process, and we are asking God that the process be short so we can begin working with the children of Zimbabwe asap.  The directors of the ministry have already sent a letter to the embassy of Zimbabwe in South Africa to get the process started, which should hurry it along. 

This week I will be packing, cleaning, and getting the rest of my stuff in order to leave the continent next Tuesday!

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