Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today is the day!

I woke up very excited (after an emotional weekend of saying goodbyes) to leave for Africa!  Our flight leaves at 5:05 from San Jose, and we fly directly to Madrid.  We spend 4 hours in Madrid before going on another direct flight to Johannesburg.  The total travel time is 33 hours- which means we'll be in the air for 29 hours!  Here are ways you can pray for us:
- No problems leaving Costa Rica with visas/baggage
- Good health
- Good movies on the plane :)
- No problems as we change plans in Spain
-Safe arrival in Johannesburg
-Quickly get visas when we arrive
-Adjust quickly to the time change, as we will immedietly be helping with the children's camp on September 30th.
At 10:30 am on Thursday is when we will be arriving in South Africa.   Thanks for all of your prayers on this next journey!!

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